66% of Austinites feel uninformed about the issues.
89% say they would give to a specific need in the community.

Why We’re Here

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

Did you know that according to a study done by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2012, Austin is ranked 32nd out of the 50 largest cities in the nation in per capita charitable giving? This is a big improvement over our ranking at the beginning of the 21st century when we ranked 48, but there is still a lot of room for growth!

Austin is a vibrant city with a personality all its own. Central Texans are passionate, driven, and generous volunteers of their time and talent. But that’s not enough. The biggest problem facing Austin Nonprofits is there is not enough money.

Our community is well known for cherishing its environment and local businesses, its time to nurture our home-grown nonprofits in the same way!

We depend on our nonprofits to meet so many of the Austin's most basic needs; but the shortage of funds for these organizations is creating large gaps in services.

This is where I Live Here, I Give Here steps in. Our main purpose is to connect people like YOU with the issues you care about and the Nonprofits that support them.

I Live Here, I Give Here is proud of the work we have accomplished since our launch in 2007. We connect the people of Austin with the causes they care about.

We partner with nonprofit groups so they can be more accessible to you. We spotlight specific needs in Austin every month to let you know how you can help.

Please check out our Programs and get to know our Board Members and Staff!

How Are We Doing?

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Education & Training

Agencies indicated by a star have been thoroughly audited for both efficiency and outcomes by one of the following large grantors: Austin Community Foundation, City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, Glimmer of Hope Foundation, Impact Austin, Junior League of Austin and/or United Way Capital Area within the last two years.


American YouthWorks

American YouthWorks, an empowerment organization, that transforms young people into self-sufficient adults through education, job training and community service. AYW operates a charter high school, offers job training programs and has created a strong support network offering counseling, health care, and career placement services.

Ann Richards School Foundation

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders is a public college preparatory school for girls grades 6-12, founded to give young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds the skills and confidence necessary to pursue college educations and careers.

Austin Area Garden Council, Inc.

As the support organization for Zilker Botanical Garden, the AAGC promotes the education of citizens of all ages in the art of gardening. This includes conservation of flowers, trees, and the protection of wildlife. The AAGC’s programming includes school tours of Zilker Botanical Garden, as well as public seminars on diverse gardening and preservation subjects.

Austin Area Urban League

To assist African Americans and all other under-served Austin area residents in the achievement of societal and economic equality by focusing on educational improvement, employment readiness, health and wellness, and the preservation of affordable housing.

Austin CEO Foundation

Children should have an opportunity to get a great education regardless of their financial situation. Grants of $1000 per year for three years for at-risk students provide a school choice not normally available. Families contribute to the tuition. Parents are now invested with a strong commitment to their child's education.

Austin Discovery School

Austin Discovery School is a creative learning environment open to all students and their families, providing an individualized, hands-on curriculum that develops confident, environmentally aware, critical thinkers. Our program features organic gardening, lifetime fitness activities, along with emphasis on social/emotional learning and community service.

Austin Independent Business Alliance

AIBA promotes locally owned businesses by providing them with marketing, educational, and networking opportunities. We also inform Austinites about the economic, cultural and environmental benefits of shopping locally.

Austin LifeGuard

The purpose of Austin LifeGuard Character and Sexuality Education is to empower teens in the Austin area with accurate information and practical tools to help them make healthy decisions, build strong relationships, and fully experience the benefits of saving sex for marriage.

Austin Waldorf School

Our values include a life-long love of learning, creative thinking, self-confidence, a sympathetic interest in the world, and an abiding sense of moral purpose. By creating a school environment that balances academic, artistic, and practical disciplines, Austin Waldorf School cultivates the faculties that allow our students to develop these qualities.

Brain Injury Association of Texas

The BIATX is the leading association in Texas providing information, advocacy, and professional education regarding brain injury. Our membership is made up of people with brain injuries, family members and professionals. The BIATX provides many significant services to those in need, including: Information and Referral Sources Connecting to Local Support Groups Education for Survivors and Families Prevention Strategies Public Policy Issues Coalition Building Media Outreach Educational Opportunities

Capital Area Social and Activity Coordinators Association, Inc.

CASACA has operated since 1972 and consists of healthcare professionials and volunteers to include: recreation therapists, activity directors, social workers, admission/marketing directors, and many others. We represent senior centers, assisted and independent living, long term care, and other facilities within the continuum of care.

Capital IDEA

Capital IDEA lifts working families out of poverty by sponsoring educational services that lead to life-long financial independence. Capital IDEA funds qualified participants' tuition, books and childcare and works with them to find employment with good salaries, benefits and opportunity for career growth.

Central Texas FIRST LEGO League

FLL is an international program that introduces children to the fun experience of solving real-world problems by applying math, science, and technology. Guided by adult mentors and their own imaginations, FLL participants solve real-world engineering challenges, develop important life skills, and learn to make positive contributions to society.

Citizen Schools

Citizen Schools was founded in 1995 to bring new solutions to the challenge of young adult education. Now a growing national network of after-school education programs for students in middle school, our programs complement classroom learning by engaging students in hands-on learning projects led by adult volunteers and supported by a staff of professional educators.

Cleantech Open

The mission of the Cleantech Open is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. Cleantech Open is a volunteer run organization. We mentor, provide business plan assistance, educate about Clean tech industry, entrepreneurship and expose clean tech startups to investors. Our participating companies are focused on air, water, waste, renewable energy, green building, energy efficiency, transportation and smart grid.

College Forward

College Forward provides college preparatory services to motivated, economically disadvantaged students, in order to facilitate their transition to college and make the process exciting and rewarding. We currently serve over 500 students across five school districts and believe that access to higher education is the right of every young Texan.

E 3 Alliance

The E3 Alliance is a regional collaborative to create a research-based “blueprint” to align our education systems to better fulfill the potential of every citizen. We are the region’s P-16 Council, breaking down barriers and building alignment across disconnected institutions to strengthen student success—and ultimately, the competitiveness of the region.


Our mission is to empower church leaders to act against the stigma and discrimination of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

English at Work

English at Work's mission is to provide English language instruction to limited-English-proficient individuals at the workplace. Our vision is to use language proficiency to empower people to achieve self-sufficiency and contribute to their community.

GAHCC Education Foundation

The Foundation promotes the value of education and advocates to eliminate the achievement gap. Through its collective partnerships, the Foundation leverages business resources and cultural insights to address the educational needs within the Greater Austin community.

Griffin School

Griffin School is a college preparatory high school community defined by academic rigor and creativity. Our mission is to cultivate individual potential and intellectual curiosity within a vibrant and engaged community.

Hill Country Hill Tribers

Hill Country Hill Tribers provides marketable skills to artisans in Austin’s refugee population. By weaving and sewing in their homes, refugee women are able to contribute to their families’ financial stability while caring for their children. HCHT also offers English language skills and basic educational opportunities to the artisans.

Khabele School

The mission of Khabele Education is “to cultivate learning communities in which each and every student, parent and team member realizes their profound beauty, falls in love with learning, and lives with courage and authenticity.” In a culture of acceptance and empowerment, students learn to develop their natural potential.


Latinitas is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young Latinas through media and technology. Latinitas Magazine is the first digital magazine made for and by Latina youth. Since 2002, we have offered media enrichment programs aimed at empowering girls to express themselves and gain confidence to succeed.

Marbridge Foundation

Marbridge provides a safe, loving community where adult residents with cognitive challenges can achieve their full potential through Abilities Centered Training with the opportunity for lifetime care.

Mariposa Pathway

The vision of Mariposa Pathway is to cultivate strength in women to create healthy individuals, families, and communities. The mission of Mariposa Pathway is to teach women to identify their strengths and empower them to make personally authentic and courageous choices. Our central program, the Mariposa Pathway, is a week-long experience for young women from challenging backgrounds. This program brings together a diverse group of women to engage in personal reflection, personal growth and creating a vision for her future. We do this by creating a safe environment, inviting professional women to attend as role models, and engaging the participants in powerful curriculum. After the retreat, we offer regular meetings to continue building the community and deepening understanding of the tools. For those women that are interested, we offer a yearlong leadership program. We partner with many non-profit organizations and businesses in the region to accomplish our mission.

Parkside Community School

At Parkside Community School our goal is for each child to become an independent, self-reliant person with the skills necessary to achieve their own goals, the ability to make a positive contribution to society, and to have an awareness of the interrelated nature of all life. To achieve this goal, we base our educational approach on the developmental philosophy and educational methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Rawson Saunders School

To provide a comprehensive educational program for professionally diagnosed dyslexic students by using research-based methods to meet the educational needs of each child in a supportive environment. Additionally, the Rawson-Saunders School serves as a unique and valuable resource to individuals affected by dyslexia through outreach, advocacy, and awareness opportunities.

St. James’ Episcopal School

St. James' Episcopal School inspires thinking that leads to academic achievement and prepares children for life as leaders, problem solvers, and self-reliant individuals. St. James' is one of the few school in Austin offering exceptional learning in a culturally economically diverse environment, where children feel loved, accepted, and supported.

Texas Association of Partners in Education

The mission of the Texas Association of Partners in Education is to provide leadership and expertise for schools, families, businesses and communities to build partnerships that enhance student success.

Texas Civil Rights Project

The mission of the Texas Civil Rights Project is to promote racial, social, and economic justice through community education and litigation. We strive to foster equality, secure justice, ensure diversity, and strengthen communities, having been originally founded in 1978 as Oficina Legal del Pueblo Unido, Inc. (OLPU).

Texas Retired Teachers Foundation

A non-profit organization providing resources and programming that contribute to an enhanced quality of life for retired Texas teachers and school personnel, and supporting public education in Texas.

Texas School for the Deaf Foundation

The mission of the TSD Foundation is to enrich and maximize the quality of education available to deaf and hard-of-hearing students in Texas and beyond.

The African Leadership Bridge

The African Leadership Bridge provides scholarships for outstanding students from developing nations to attend UT Austin. They must demonstrate leadership, intellectual ability and financial need.

The Children's Heart Foundation - Texas Chapter

Saving Children's Lives, One Heart at a Time. The Children’s Heart Foundation is the only organization that was created to exclusively fund congenital heart defect (CHD) research. CHD's are America’s and every country’s #1 birth defect. Nearly one of every 100 babies is born with a CHD.

Truth be Told

Truth Be Told provides transformational tools for women behind and beyond bars. Our programs provide respectful listening and creative tools for personal and spiritual growth for incarcerated women. We encourage in them a deeper sense of personal responsibility and help them face the truth of their pasts and embrace the hope of their futures.

Ventana del Soul

Ventana del Soul provides training and vocational mentoring to disadvantaged and hard to employ persons so that they can build a career, attain financial stability and establish a higher quality of life as active citizens. We work with a diverse group of unemployed individuals, including persons with disabilities, seniors, and persons who have had contact with the foster care, military, or welfare systems, but we specialize in helping those who are homeless, have a criminal background, and/or suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Ventana’s innovative, sustainable, and green project includes the purchase of two hotels in the Austin area. One hotel houses up to 400 students. The other is a fully-functioning hotel where individuals from faith-based and community organizations cross train students in every position, including bookkeeping, meeting planning, culinary arts, foodservice, retail, floral, warehouse, and much more. All training includes environmental awareness and green practices, products and technologies.

YWA Foundation

The YWA Foundation awards $2,500 scholarships annually to women enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs and has recently expanded to provide grants to organizations dedicated to empowering, educating, and enriching the lives of young women and children in our community.

Zephaniah Community Development Corporation

The mission of Zephaniah Community Development Corporation is to economically empower those from low-income neighborhoods through small business development and mentoring projects. Our first project is the Texas Pie Kitchen Employment and Job Training Program, which provides job training to low-income adults with barriers to employment.

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